Let’s start from the beginning. I was born and raised in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. After completing my Bachelor of Computer Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2008, I obtained my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Sunderland, UK in 2013.

Now with over 12 years of working experience in the Corporate IT Services and Business Operations Services industry before bidding farewell to my full-time job in the year 2018. Since then, I’ve conducted training in Singapore, India, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

While working in a multi-national corporation, I always participated by helping the learning and development department. 

"That's where my passion for training and consultancy flourished."

What I Can Do For You


Shape Your

The 3 Steps of Neural Reconditioning

Understand the Power of Law of Attraction and the subconscious mind.

The 8 ways to attract abundance into your life immediately!

Basic Financial Management
for New Entrepreneurs

If you are venturing into entrepreneurship and want to learn:

Basic finance management skills & knowledge

Understand basic principles of budgeting and bookkeeping

Implement systems and procedures for more effective financial management.


Learning cost-effective methods to market your products and services

Grow your business on the internet

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Making an effective website for customers

Decision making about marketing your business



Ho’oponopono is a lifestyle and techniques that can improve life within minutes of you meeting.

You’ll discover the twelve Spiritual Laws of the Universe that often go together with the practice of Ho’oponopono and how having a firm sense of these allows a person to have a better idea of their place in the world.

HRD Corp:
Career Coaching
for Malaysians

I concentrate on helping people move towards the future that they want and to learn what can be done differently by using their existing skills, strategies and ideas – rather than focusing on the problem.

Solution Focused Career

By rediscovering your own vision and purpose, Career Coaching can help you reclaim your quality of life.

I’ll assist you in taking charge of your career management and initiating changes in your life path and work content.


Digital Marketing Clinic

The main goal of this course is to help businesses experience the online success they deserve.

It will give you instruction about the main concepts of website optimisation and about the advertising on a basic level and to have a clear understanding of what to know about digital marketing and resources required towards making their businesses more successful.

Sales Consulting

During the pandemic, many companies have collapsed.

Helping to save them by reviewing back their financial resources (Business Model Canvas) and coming up with sales strategies to get them back on their feet.